Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Valery top in new combination (continued)

Front and back view of Valery top, main print grey/white birdcircle, contrast grey/turqoise&white floral stripe.

Valery top in new combination

New arrivals: Valery tops in light grey/white birdcircle and light grey/turqoise&white floral stripe.

Flair skirts

Flair skirts just arrived in the Sway studio.
Light grey/turqoise&white floral stripe; red/threecolour doilies and choc/three colours birdcircle.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010


The button-up dress doubles as a comfortable coat or long cardi, beautifully demonstrated by this Sway client at Design Indaba 2010.

WINTER 2010 continued...

1. Valery dress front and back, charcoal/light grey&turqoise floral stripe with light grey/cream&turqoise floral stripe contrast.
2. Flair skirt in two colours red with Mexican floral.
3. Button-up dress charcoal/light grey&turqoise floral stripe.
4. Button-up dress black/gold&stone floral stripe.

Friday, April 9, 2010


If you have been following Sway over the years, you will know that Ramona the bull terrier, has been with us from the start. Here she is in her third incarnation, as usual on cotton lycra tee shirts in various colourways.


Here's an image of our leggings with hem detail; a stylish and snug winter garment

Doilies in red

Sway's doily print has been popular for some time; we are adding a new three-colour version, deep purple, pink and gold - no less! - on red. We will be making wrap dresses and flair skirts in this fabulous colour way.

Weaver bird, new Sway print

Weaverbird is our newest print. We plan to use it in a 'boyfriend shirt' in two colourways on sheer cotton voile.

Floral and fish

Our 2008 Floral and fish print, in charcoal on light grey and dark charcoal on dark grey. They will be used, together with Horserider in grey on black, in our new Iris skirt, an asymmetrical cut with flair. We will be making a new raglan longsleeve top in floral and fish too; images of these garments will be posted as soon as samples are ready.